Coimbra case study

Highlighting the priority of aging research, ina new ERA Chair group H Widespread, Grant Agreement was appointed by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra to develop a research program, advanced teaching and translational research in cardiovascular aging Recently November,the Reference Sites launched a non-profit association based in Brussels to promote synergies and collaborative work e.

Within Portugal, the population living in the Centre Region is particularly old due to the increase in life expectancy, migration of young adults and decrease in birth rate. This poses huge challenges for sustaining retirement and care in later life.

This should boost the deployment of open and personalized solutions for active and independent living that are supported by global standards and new evidence on the return of investment. Portugal stands in a particular challenging position in the overall EU28 scenario.

Coimbra, Portugal, located close to the western coast of the country, is home to aroundpeople, making it the third-largest urban center in Portugal.

Universidade de Coimbra

The second call led to a total of 74 Reference Sites in These solutions are expected to have impact at the individual, family, labor, societal, and economic dimensions to support individual health and well-being, at all ages, and deliver solutions to support health and social care sustainability.

This fact has been associated with high-prevalence of cerebrovascular diseases Portugal launched in a new coordination structure of the National Network for Integrated Care Units. The majority of municipalities in the Region have been equipped with health mobile units to deliver Coimbra case study care and social care support to frail older people living in rural isolated Coimbra case study.

The consortium comprises over 70 institutions that develop innovative practices to support AHA in Portugal. The early diagnosis pipeline is complemented with robust brain imaging tools to ensure high quality diagnosis of putative neurodegenerative conditions.

A1, adherence to prescription and medical plans; A2, personalized health management and prevention of falls; A3, lifespan health promotion and prevention of age-related frailty and disease; B3, replicating and tutoring integrated care for chronic diseases; C2, development of interoperable independent living solutions; D4, innovation for age-friendly buildings, cities and environments.

EIT Health is a powerful consortium of more than members from academia and industry partners that develop collaborative market-driven projects to tackle societal challenges: The same example has replication potential in other countries in Europe and globally e. As we will elaborate bellow, the EIP on AHA movement, and the particular case of Ageing Coimbra as a Community Case Studymay be inspiring for the required change management processes, delivering solutions for the challenges of aging and opening new opportunities for economic growth.

The aim is to deliver knowledge and user-based competence into innovative good practices, products, and services. Traditionally, Portuguese citizens use excess salt in food, specially in bakery. This Reference Site can motivate other regions to develop innovative formulas to federate stakeholders and networks, building consortia at regional level.

Long-term care and palliative care multidisciplinary services in the region offer support to patients and families affected by long-term functional dependence and end-of life care for older patients and their families, including a hospital palliative care team offering support across clinical services at the University of Coimbra Hospital and two inpatient palliative care units, at the Portuguese Cancer Institute—Coimbra and Cantanhede Hospital the latter also offering home care support.

More information can be found at http: The social support to isolated frail older people in the region is a key priority for local players, including municipalities. Ageing Coimbra links with integrated home care teams in close collaboration with the regional health authority, the national insurance office, and municipalities.

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What can YOU do? The Portuguese population is aging rapidly with an Ageing Index people aged 65 or over per people aged less than 15 of These institutions included 34 municipalities, 12 social care providers, and several citizenship associations and universities, from a total of 49 municipalities Figure 5.

Recently November,the Reference Sites launched a non-profit association based in Brussels to promote synergies and collaborative work e. The Faculty of Medicine offers a masters degree in geriatrics and gerontology, where medical doctors can learn and upgrade their knowledge in age and age-related chronic diseases.

For the first time in the AAL Forum, the jury responsible for awarding the Exhibition Prize was constituted only by end-users above the age of The knowledge gathered by the clinical team supported the creation of a new clinical service entirely dedicated to AHA, including daily clinical care, a hospital residence, outpatient consultations and community health-care services.

This Reference Site can motivate other regions to develop innovative formulas to federate stakeholders and networks, building consortia at regional level. The innovative formula and lean governance structure created an inclusive partnership with agility, rapid implementation, and growth potential.

InCCDRC launched a regional competition to award three cases of good practices in three clusters: In inland areas, especially in the mountain area, low-density territories also create geographic barriers to mobility especially of frail people contributing to social isolation.The Case study titled Mad fans was done by Dim&Canzian advertising agency for Coimbra in Brazil.

It was released in May The Quadruple Helix-Based Innovation Model of Reference Sites for Active and Healthy Ageing in Europe: The [email protected] Case Study Article Full-text available.

Selection and peer-review under responsibility of the Organizing Committee of WCES doi: / ScienceDirect WCES Advantages Of Applying IBSE Method: The Coimbra Inquire Course Case-Study Tavares, A. C. a *, Silva, S. b, Bettencourt, T. c a Centre of Pharmaceutical Studies, University of Coimbra,Calçada.

CASE STUDY 1 Municipal profile Location Coimbra, Portugal PoPuLationLand area km2 ciVitaS Budget EUR 1 million Municipal context Former capital of Portugal, Coimbra.

the villancicos de negros in manuscript 50 of the biblioteca geral da universidade de coimbra: a case study of black cultural agency and racial representation in 17th-century portugal.

The University of Coimbra is the oldest university in Portugal, and it is the largest higher education and research institution in the country.

Coimbra case study
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